Academic Liason Committee

As an MRFA standing committee, Academic Liaison Committee’s (ALC) objective is to foster the exchange of information related to academic governance and policy, especially related to academic freedom, the Collective Agreement, and members’ employment conditions.

ALC’s overarching goal is to ensure that Faculty are empowered to contribute their voices to help the MRFA build a strong cohesive response on issues that matter to Faculty and to ensure strong bicameral governance on our campus.

We accomplish our goal primarily by:

  1. Reviewing GFC materials in advance of GFC meetings – ALC members thoroughly review the package to identify which agenda items could have potential impact on academic governance and policy, specifically related to academic freedom, the CA, and members’ employment conditions.
  2. Disseminating information and creating discussion about the package prior to GFC via Faculty caucuses, and
  3. Hosting a pre GFC caucus for all interested members in the Faculty Centre/on zoom the day prior to each GFC – (GFC is usually the third Friday of the month) from 1-2p.m., ALC hosts an open meeting in the Faculty Centre for all Faculty to review the GFC package and brainstorm on potential issues of interest. Refer to the MRFA calendar for specific meeting times and links.

We also offer a mentoring program whereby upon request, new Councillors in their first year of GFC service are matched with experienced Councillors.

All Faculty are invited to participate in ALC.

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