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From Burnout to Green Days

by Mirjam Knapik, Counselling Centre “I declare I don’t care no more, I’m burning up and out, and growing bored… …Apathy has rained on me, now I’m feeling like a soggy dream.” Burnout, by Songwriters: Billie Joe Armstrong / Tre Cool / Mike Dirnt,… Continue Reading “From Burnout to Green Days”

FEW 2018

October 22 – 26, 2018, the MRFA will be hosting various events in support of the national campaign led by CAUT – Fair Employment Week.  Find out what Associations are doing across Canada to inform stakeholders and fight against precarious employment in Post-secondary education.

Faculty Forum

Welcome to the MRFA’s new digital publication, Faculty Forum! In the most recent member census, the communications committee asked members for feedback about various communications media and member preferences. An overwhelming majority of respondents told us that your preference is to receive email messages,… Continue Reading “Faculty Forum”

Working Conditions For MRU Contract Faculty Have Improved, But There’s Lots Left To Do

By Gülberk Koç Maclean A hearty thank you to the permanent MRU faculty and the MRFA bargaining team for supporting contract faculty in the recent negotiations, helping them thus far in acquiring fairer working conditions. Contract faculty may now apply for the new position… Continue Reading “Working Conditions For MRU Contract Faculty Have Improved, But There’s Lots Left To Do”

Contract Faculty and the Collective Agreement

By Guy Obrecht The collective agreement is interesting not so much for its carefully eloquent and sometimes overly lawyerly language, but more as the lynchpin that that allows the university to function and change. In principle, it is the terms and conditions of employment,… Continue Reading “Contract Faculty and the Collective Agreement”