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Email Campaign on Alberta PSE Budget Cuts

Sign below to send an email to Alberta politicians urging them to reconsider PSE Budget Cuts. The message will be sent to the following politicians and your participation will be kept on record by the MRU Coalition: Premier Jason Kenny (leader of the Alberta… Continue Reading “Email Campaign on Alberta PSE Budget Cuts”

Fight the Cuts

Register below to attend the AUPE Information Picket with other MRU Faculty Members on January 29, 2020. “The recent Alberta budget was a bad-news budget – bad for jobs, bad for workers, bad for families, bad for patients and seniors, bad for students, bad… Continue Reading “Fight the Cuts”

About the MRFA

The Mount Royal Faculty Association is a dedicated community of educators who, together, champion excellence in undergraduate education and defend the rights and values of our faculty and students. For more than 50 years, the MRFA has remained committed to fostering a unique, progressive… Continue Reading “About the MRFA”

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The Work of Faculty

What people think professors do: Prepare lectures (pre-recorded and/or synchronous) Mark assignments and tests Answer emails Be available for office hours What professors at MRU really do: Prepare lectures (pre-recorded and/or synchronous) Prepare assignments and tests Mark assignments and tests (up to  an hour… Continue Reading “The Work of Faculty”