Associated Individuals 2023 – 2024

Due to Association restructuring and bylaws amendments for legislative compliance, Associate ‘memberships’ were put on hold for the 2022 – 2023 academic year. The Bylaws have now been amended and there is a policy outlining the process for Associated Individuals.

In accordance with the Associated Individuals Policy, individuals currently employed at Mount Royal University, including visiting faculty, endowed chairs, post-doctoral fellows, or individuals whose roles are directly related to supporting faculty and/or students, and who are not in management or exempt positions may apply for Associated Individual Status.

An application for Non-Academic Associate status shall be submitted via an online form and applications shall be conveyed to the President. Applications shall be considered for approval by the Executive Board and, where applications are approved, fees shall be remitted to the Association.


Non-Academic Associates shall pay an annual fee of $60 which is due within 30 days of their
application being approved. This amount is not prorated and shall cover the period of July1 – June 30 regardless of when payment is made.

Revocable Privileges

Non-Academic Associates may use the Faculty Centre and attend social and professional
development activities. The Executive Board may revoke these privileges, with reasons.


Non-Academic Associates may not attend any meetings of the Association unless invited by the
Executive Board, receive any minutes or correspondence of the Association except for specific
notices or information dealing with the social and professional development activities of the
Association, nor vote or hold office in Association Committees.

Payment form (ONLY to be used only by Approved Applicants for Non-Academic Associate Status)