Hotel Rooms must be booked directly with the hotel by March 26, 2019. Book online or by phone 1-866-432-4322 (Code: MR9). The Mount Royal group rate is $204.00 per night (this includes a 15$ resort fee and 12% taxes will be charged on top of that). If you have any difficulty reserving a room, email or call 6192. Note – the room booking location has changed to the renovated Pomeroy building due to the number of complaints received about the Mount Allan Building from the 2018 retreat. Members can reduce costs by arranging for shared rooms.

Instructions for Shared Accommodations:

One member needs to book the room with the hotel, but both members need to be listed as guests with the hotel.

If you would like shared accommodations but do not have a roommate already arranged, please fill out the online form by March 15. You will be paired up with another member according to preferences indicated on the form. You will then be informed of who you will be sharing a room with and you and your roommate can make arrangements for booking your hotel room. If there is not a roommate available for you, you will need to book your own private accommodations.

Retreat Information