Keeping Anarchy at Bay

 Keeping Anarchy at Bay: A Workshop on Parliamentary Procedure and Robert's Rules of Order


There’s Nothing Like ‘Friendly Amendment’’’ – Robert James

"How often have we heard someone say at a meeting, when a motion has been made by a member and the Chair has stated it: “I would like to offer a friendly amendment”? According to Robert James, a Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP), the notion of a “friendly amendment” is a fallacy..."



Read the report from the Workshop to find out more about Parliamentary Procedure and about the committee that hosted this "excellent" and "informative" workshop.





"I think all those involved in college business would benefit from clarification of Parliamentary Procedures."




If you would like to borrow the books and/or other resources that were distributed for this event please phone Chantelle Anderson at 440.6192.



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