New Mapping Data for MRC (instructor resource)


The City of Calgary has given Mount Royal College six gigabytes of geo-spatial data, which will benefit students from a variety of courses. Some examples of what’s available in these new data sets include the following:
1)Community and city boundaries
Useful for Geography Studies and Justice Studies to create demographic, or crime thematic maps of City of Calgary
2)all roads and highways in City of Calgary
Useful for Health and Nursing Studies to create route analyses, for example finding shortest or fastest ambulance routes to the nearest hospitals
3)Ortho photos of the 2005 City of Calgary flood; digital elevation models of City of Calgary; contour lines for entire City
Useful for environmental sciences or insurance studies to study the floodplain and determine how much area will be covered by a similar flood in the future
4)outlines of every building in Mount Royal and downtown areas; landuse boundaries for entire city
Useful for urban planning studies to determine where to locate a new housing complex taking zoning into account

Contact Natalie O'Toole at 440-6794 or for more information and/or access.

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