Sustainability Committee


  • The Committee was formed by 2 students in 2007 and there are currently 16 members. The Committee meets once a month to provide an update of what is happening, bring all initiatives together, support each other, and share ideas. The committee can be contacted if you or students have any ideas for projects
  • Recent Projects
    • Baseline survey done a couple years ago
    • Just completed campus wide audit
    • Draft strategic plan written
    • Occasionally bring in guest speakers
    • Proposal for Sustainability Director: $25,000 was given to the project: this was used for the audit, for DFS students and for the community garden
    • Looking at implementing blue box program campus wide
  • Communications plan
    • The committee is working on creating a website which will include:
      • Tips and Tricks
      • Posts from others with their projects
  • How the Faculty Association can get more involved:
    • The MRFA could look at creating its own sustainability committee to get involved.
    • The MRFA could post to a section of this website
    • Diana Fletcher is the MRFA rep on the committee any questions can be directed to her 


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