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Professional Standards and Governance Committee

In terms of its work scope, PSGC shall recommend, develop and offer opportunities for faculty development and training in the areas of academic governance, parliamentary procedures, faculty leadership, conflict resolution and mediation, labour relations and professional conduct.


Committee Charter 



-        Mary 2015 Annual General Meeting Report

-        Summary of Changes to the Tenure and Promotion System (2014) and FAQs

o   Notes from Changes to Tenure and Promotion Event

-        May 2014 AGM Report

-        Civility in the University Presentation and workshop, May 14, 2014

o   "When Academe Becomes Hostile: Exploring the Nature and Impact of Bullying and Incivility"

o   "Bystander Responses to Unprofessional, Intimidating Behaviour: Tools and Resources for Faculty"

-        Myths and Legends of the Academic Hiring Process: Notes 

-        May 10, 2013 PSGC Annual General Meeting Report

-        May 11, 2012 PAC Annual General Meeting Report (PSGC)

-        Committee Affair Powerpoint Introduction to all MRFA Committees

-        Roundtable discussion notes on Community, Collaboration and Cooperation

-        2011-2012 PAC Survey: Survey Results

-        May 13, 2011 AGM Report: Professional Affairs Committee Report

-        March 22, 2011 PAC's Committee (Af)fair PowerPoint Presentation

-        September 2010 Robert's Rules Workshop Report

-        September 27, 2010 General Meeting Report

-        May 7, 2010 AGM Report

-        Committee (Af)fair 2010 Report

-        Parliamentary Procedures 2010 Report

-        Parliamentary Procedures Event 2009 Report

-        November 26th 2008 General Meeting: PAC Report

-        May 8th 2009 AGM Report: Professional Affairs Committee  




Hosted Events 




Committee (Af)fair 2010 Presentation on Committees






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