MRFA Committee Member Information

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Some of this information is for new committee members, reminders for continuing members, and some of it may not be relevant to your committee. If you have any questions you can contact the executive assistant at 403.440.6192. Thank you.


 Committee Transition Event

The MRFA executive is planning for a committee transition event for August 2013 in the faculty centre. This event is both to thank outgoing members and to introduce new members and provide for a smoother transition for our committees. Committee Contact lists can be found here.


 FOAP Charge-backs

All FOAP charges must be approved by the Executive Assistant and all receipts must be forwarded to the Executive Assistant. When making a purchase at the University, have the department contact the Executive Assistant for the appropriate FOAP number to charge your purchase to.



If you incur expenses as a result of committee activities please provide the Executive Assistant with receipts and a filled out reimbursement form.


Committee Budgets

Some committees are provided with a budget for event planning. All committee budgets are based within the fiscal year (April 1-March 31): any surplus at the end of the year does not carry over to the subsequent year. Committees that have not been given such a budget draw from a collective pool of limited funds. If you require clarification please contact the executive assistant of the association at 440-6192 or e-mail:



To improve our members' awareness of what the MRFA committees provide, please send any updates you/your committee wants to have posted.

·         Each committee has a section on the website, and information will be posted there.

·         Also, information/updates/event notices go out in our weekly and monthly newsletters and may also be posted on our private Facebook page.

Weekly Bulletins are sent out at the beginning of every week: if you want something in this newsletter please have it to the office by Monday morning (e-mail event details to

The Monthly Reports go out on the first day of each month and provide information about what the MRFA accomplished in the previous month: please have anything you want included in the Monthly Report to the office by the morning of the first day of each month.


 Election of Chairs

If your committee is responsible for electing its own chair, inform the executive assistant of the results by September 1 every year. To see if you are required to do this look at the appropriate section of the MRFA Bylaws.


 Committee Elections

The committee contact list (available HERE) lists the members of the committees and the remaining length of their terms. All committee elections are in May.  If there is a member of your committee that will not be able to complete their full term for whatever reason, please inform the executive assistant of the association:


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