Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee shall be responsible for ensuring that the Code of Ethics set forth in Article 16 is upheld, hearing complaints as outlined in Article 17, and providing consultation to members of the Association on the interpretation of Articles 11, 16 and 17.


MRFA Code of Ethics


Ethics Committee Charter


Ethics Committee Reports

May 10, 2013 AGM: Ethics Committee Report

May 11, 2012 AGM Report: Ethics Committee Report

May 13, 2011 AGM Report: Ethics Committee Report

May 7, 2010 AGM Report: Ethics Committee Report

May 8th 2009 AGM Report: Ethics Committee Report


The MRFA would like to express its gratitude for the hard work and dedication of the 2008-2011 Ethics Committee Members for their work on revising the MRFA Ethics Bylaws. With Special thanks to the Chair of the Ethics Committee, Sinclair MacRae and the 2005-2010 MRFA President, David Hyttenrauch.


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