Elections 2012: Results

Executive Board Election Results:

        Gerry Cross, Computer Science and Information Systems

Vice-President Policy

        Scott Murray, Humanities

Member at Large (representing Bissett, Communication Studies, Health and Community Studies, or the Library )

        Marnie Kramer-Kile, Nursing

Member at Large (representing Arts, Science and Technology, or Teaching and Learning)

        Marc Schroeder, Computer Science and Information Systems


        Valerie Kinnear, Bissett

Part-time Member Representative

          Brenda Lang, Bissett


Committee Election Results


Academic Liaison Committee:

Health & Community Studies Representative: Stephanie Zettel (Nursing)

Arts Representative: Sharon Smulders (English)

Communication Studies Representative: Terry Field (Communication Studies)

Teaching & Learning representative: Melanie Rathburn (Gen Ed)


Advocacy Committee

Two year Positions

Michael Truscello (English)

Irene Shankar (Sociology & Anthropology)

David Ohreen (Gen Ed)

One Year Positions

Roberta Lexier (Gen Ed)

Kimberly Williams (Humanities)

Doug Rathburn (Theatre, Speech and Music Performance)



Qasim Syed (Math, Physics & Engineering)

Andreas Tomaszewski (Justice Studies)


Communications Committee

Ruth Murdoch (Theatre, Speech and Music Performance)

Richard Sutherland (Policy Studies)


Diversity Committee

Carmen Nielson (Humanities)

Mohamed El Hussein (Nursing)

Stefan Sikora (Education & Schooling)


Educational Grants

Frank Cotae (Bissett)

Naomi Grant (Psychology)


Ethics Committee

Bev McLeod (Psychology)

Richard Harrison (English)


Faculty Evaluation Committee

Kathy Offet-Gartner (Counselling)

Margaret Brown (Bissett)

Michele Holmgren (English)


Negotiating Committee

Rafik Kurji (Bissett)

Jennifer Pettit (Humanities)


Professional Standards and Governance Committee

Stefan Sikora (Education & Schooling)

Shawn England (Humanities)

Bill Glanzman (Sociology & Anthropology)


Professional Development Committee

Janet B. Miller (Counselling)

Bill Glanzman (Sociology & Anthropology)

Joe Pavelka (PERS)

Eric Roettger (Math, Physics & Engineering)

Enrique Lopez (1 year-Languages and Cultures)


Social Events Committee

Kathy Offet-Gartner (Counselling)

Christy Lane-Tomkins (Physical Education & Recreation Studies)

Jocelyn Rempel (Nursing)


Faculty Tenure Committee

Margy MacMillan (Library)


Faculty Leave Committee

Cathy Carter-Snell (Advanced Specialty Health Studies)


University Tenure and Promotion Committee

Scott Murray (Humanities)


Child Care Board

Janet B Miller (Counselling)


Academic Scheduling Committee

Irene Shankar (Sociology & Anthropology)


Institutional Priorities Committee

Michael Huston (Counselling)


Rights, Responsibilities & Respect Committee

Verna Raab (Psychology)


Transportation Advisory Committee

Monica Baehr (Psychology)


Alumni Advisory Committee

Cass Foursha-Stevenson (Psychology)


Thank you to all members who were nominated!



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