Contract Faculty Benefits

Contract Faculty Information Package


Collective Agreement

See Article 16 of the Collective Agreement for information on benefits and requirements for eligibility.


MRU administered Benefits:

-Part time health care spending account $500.00 per year

Health Care Spending Account: Eligible Expenses.


-Basic Life Insurance at a value of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000)

-Health Care and Dental Care (see Sun Life forms)

 Summary of Benefits

General Information [pdf]

Extended Health Care [pdf]

Dental Care [pdf]

Long Term Disability [pdf]

Survivor Benefits [pdf]

Claim Procedures [pdf]

FAQ's [pdf]

Benefit Costs

Part-Time Faculty [pdf]

**To determine eligibility for the above please see the CA: article 16 (for clarification contact HR/Payroll/home department)**

*Contact Cindy Hamonic if you have any questions about these benefits (5911)*


-Contract Faculty can take MRU credit courses and be reimbursed the tuition

-Access to Part Time employee's PD Fund

-First come first served basis 600$ per year for Contract Faculty that teach 3 or more courses a year

 -Access to the General Professional Development Fund in all Departments.


MRFA administered Benefits


-Contract Faculty are eligible to apply for Service Honoraria.

Contract Faculty Service Honoraria Form

-Tuition refunds: for courses taken at other institutions

(see the application form on our website or the collective agreement for criteria and deadlines)

-Representation in Ethics complaints and contract violations

-PD Retreat: Spring retreat with other faculty for presentations etc.

-Faculty Centre: very good/affordable lunches every day and Attitude adjustment every Friday

-Interest Based Bargaining: the MRFA has a team that works with the Board's team to represent MRFA members' interests and to adjust/add to the collective agreement accordingly

-Information on negotiations is available for mrfa members on our website, if you need help getting an account please e-mail for assistance

-Contract Faculty have a representative on the MRFA's Negotiating team.  The current representative is Gerard Lucyshyn from Policy Studies. You can e-mail your concerns as a Part Time Faculty Member to him at


The MRFA also has a  brochure available that gives more information about the MRFA. e-mail if you want a copy.




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