The Communications Committee


The Communications Committee is responsible for ensuring that the membership is aware of the activities of the MRFA.

Communications Committee Charter

The Communications Policy is in the MRFA's Policies and Procedures Manual

To see current members of this committee please go here.

To see a current list of the Department Communicators and their archive please go here.


Communications Committee Reports:

May 9, 2014, AGM Report

May 10, 2013, Annual General Meeting Report

May 11, 2012 Annual General Meeting Report

May 13, 2011 Annual General Meeting Report

January 7, 2011 Communications Survey Results

May 7, 2010 AGM Report: Communications Committee

May 8th 2009 AGM Report: Communications Committee


The Monthly Report

Monthly Reports will provide all subscribing faculty members updates on the previous month's activities of the MRFA and its committees.  As such, it is a convenient means to stay informed about what the MRFA is doing for you.  Moreover, many links will be included so that you can get more information on the topics that interest you. See previous issues of newsletters here.

The Weekly Newsletter

This Newsletter will include all the upcoming MRFA events and other college/departmental events that are open to all Faculty. This will provide you with a quick reference to see what is going on around Campus so that you do not miss out on the events you look forward to. While maintaining your awareness of the MRFA and its events, both of these newsletters will decrease the amount of clutter in your in-boxes by minimizing the volume of mail you will be receiving from the MRFA.

We encourage all faculty to submit event notifications to us to be included in the Weekly Bulletin. The event must be open to all faculty and has to be submitted to by Saturday night at 6pm for inclusion in the next week's Bulletin. Event notifications that are sent after this date will not be distributed individually, but will be included in the following week's Bulletin. See previous issues of newsletters here. Accounts

On this site you will find a wealth of information about the MRFA, your rights as Faculty at MRC, Social events, and we are continually adding to the site.

If you do not have an account on you can call the Executive Assistant at 440.6192 to have an account set up for you. When you log into your account you will have access to the member only section of the website: the Negotiations page.

Department Communicators

Department Communicators facilitate an Interactive exchange of information to and from the Executive Board of the MRFA through the Communications Committee. The main purpose is to make sure that people in every department are getting the information they need and that they have an avenue to communicate their feedback to the Executive. The exact details of how this would best be accomplished are to be determined based on the size of department. Some department communicators will be able to do this in department meetings, some will be able to communicate face-to-face if they are in small departments, and others may communicate via paper handouts. If the department is very large we may have more than one department communicator.


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