August 23, 2011 Department Communicators Brunch Meeting

Mount Royal Faculty Association

Department Communicators Brunch Session

August 23, 2011


1. Introduction, Kit Dobson

Kit Dobson is the new secretary of the MRFA. As Secretary he is chair of the Communications Committee. Communications Committee Members:

            Kit Dobson

Nathan Ackroyd

Michele Homgren

            Ruth Murdoch

            Shawn England                     

Each Department Communicator is overseen by a member of the Communications Committee. This member of the committee will be your main contact on the committee and will disseminate information to you. The list of reporting assignments is available online.


These brunches are an opportunity for the Communications Committee to give Department Communicators information on what to expect in the coming year for the MRFA, updates on the CA and to get feedback from Department Communicators.


2. Executive Board Report, Gerry Cross

i) Vision Statement Review Committee

  • This is one thing that we are asking department communicators to assist the MRFA with
    • Department Communicators are asked to gather and compile feedback on the draft vision statements which will then be discussed at the October General Meeting
    • The process here is potentially more important than the outcome. We want people to seriously think about what they want from the MRFA. What should the MRFA stand for? What should the MRFA do for its members?
  • The Committee Charter and Draft Vision Statements are available online  
  • Discussion
    • This document will be sent to the communicators electronically

ii) Daycare Subcommittee

  • Last fall the executive visited departments and talked about current concerns/issues. One of the big things that came up was childcare. The Executive developed a discussion paper which was included in the AGM. This is still available online.
  • We passed a motion at the 2011 AGM directing the MRFA Executive to propose to the administration that a joint committee be established that included all stakeholders: students, support staff and student affairs and campus life
    • Gerry met with the MRSSA and SAMRU Presidents and Brian Fleming
    • Brian Fleming felt that this first of all has to go to the daycare board (next Tuesday) and then they will meet again to discuss the outcomes of that meeting
  • The joint task force is to do something to confirm the demand for daycare on campus and to project it into the future. Assuming that there is excess of demand over supply then they are to examine ways to address this problem.

iii) Voting Procedures Review

  • Another motion passed at the AGM authorized the Executive to develop a proposal to implement electronic voting for our standing committees
  • The idea is to make the paper ballot into an html form with active links that will give bios of candidates and descriptions of committees
  • There are some technical and control issues in voting online that the committee will be resolving in the coming years
  • We are hoping to have something ready for trial by the 2011 AGM

iv)Employee Advantage

  • This is a group purchasing organization where you can get discounts on various forms of entertainment
  • Department Communicators are to distribute the sign-up sheets to members

v) Executive Planning 2011-2012

  • The executive is having its annual planning retreat next Friday
  • We will be drafting objectives for this year and will present these at the September General Meeting and seek input from the membership
    • Department Communicators can send input to the Executive on potential goals
  • Department Communicators
    • Department Communicators are to disseminate information to the members from the MRFA as well as inform the Association of members’ ideas/concerns/suggestions.
    • We welcome any suggestions you have regarding how your  role could be improved
      • e.g. let us know how well the newsletters are working, how many people are reading these, do people know the difference between the newsletters?
      • Are there certain announcements we should be emailing out individually?
      • Anything of this nature would be very useful to get input on
  • Attendance at general meetings
    • We want, at least, one person from each department to attend MRFA General Meetings. This does not have to be a Department Communicator but Communicators should be encouraging attendance within their departments
    • We are trying to schedule the business of our meetings to have the important items of business at the beginning of the meeting and/or to schedule things at certain times. This way people will know when the decisions will happen and can be in attendance.


3. Negotiations Report

David Sabiston, 1st Vice President

  • This year is a full round of negotiations so it will be very busy and The Negotiating Committee  will be looking for faculty input
  • The new Collective Agreement will be available soon.
  • More information about Negotiations is available online.

i) Promotion to Professor

  • There is now an appeals process and the university appeals committee
  • The UTPC is going to be making this decision. The TPC makes a recommendation then the Dean makes a recommendation and the UPTC makes the final decision
  • There are limits on the number of times you can apply for professor (twice every five years)
  • Discussion:
    • What do we have to look to in the next round of bargaining?
      • As we start in negotiations in January we will work through this. We want to see some of the process working through before we begin to redress it
    • Clarification regarding the external referees: why are they involved in the appeal?
      • The externals are part of the whole process and so are also involved in appeals

ii) Copyright

  • Last year we formed an IP Committee  and they submitted a report to Negotiations
  • The committee established in an MOU is comprised of two members of the MRFA Negotiating Committee, two members of the board’s Negotiating Committee, the two co-chairs of last-year’s IP Committee, and the University Copyright Advisor. This committee is working through the legality of the document and its language. This work will be done by December
  • The lawyer said that this is a very faculty friendly copyright article
  • The Negotiating Committee would like feedback from your department on copyright concerns


Gerard Lucyshyn

I) Changes to Part-time Appointment and Re-appointment

  • There was a lot of fine tuning last year to articles 4.7, 4.8, and 4.9
    • Up until two rounds ago the hiring and allocation process for part-time faculty was limited in scope. Now it is mapped out more clearly.
  • 4.8 re-appointment
    • This should be the first step then you should move to 4.9 (allocation) if there are still courses then you go to 4.7 (hiring)
    • Changed requirement to meet and establish criteria
      • There is a Part-time Standing Committee in every dept and they establish the criteria which then goes to the department for approval by consensus (or consensus minus 1). After the department makes a decision the criteria goes to the dean for final approval
  • 4.9 allocation
    • The Negotiating Committee will be working on this a bit more this year
  • Discussion:
    • Are the Negotiating Committees going to reorganize 4.7, 4.8 and 4.9?
      • The Committees consider this and it may be done in the future
      • It would be helpful in clarifying the order of the Part-time hiring and appointment process

ii) PT Eligibility for Benefits

  • Some members do not know of the recent changes to the Collective Agreement
  • There was an issue with the requirements for benefits for the past 23 years but it was fixed last year. Part-time members who may have previously been ineligible for benefits now have access to them
    • If a Part-time member teaches 6 hours or more for three consecutive semesters then in the third semester they are eligible for benefits
  • Discussion:
    • This is also the chairs’ responsibility to inform members of this

Communicating with Part-time Faculty

  • Part-time Faculty are one of the MRFA’s main concerns when trying to improve communications with our members
  • The MRFA has hosted four Part-time Grub n’ Gab session in the past two years and there are pt faculty who have been here for 4-5 years who did not know they were allowed in the faculty centre. This makes it apparent that the MRFA really needs to reach out to and communicate with our part-time colleagues and the Association could really use the assistance of the Department Communicators in this regard.



Communications Committee Update

1. Facebook

  • We now have 65 members on Facebook and we hope that all of our department communicators will join. This is a private group that you have to search for and request to join


2. Website redesign

  • We got feedback from members last year on the website and will be working on it this year



Professional Affairs Committee

“Learning From Each Others’ Craft.” Workshop registration deadline soon: August 26. Workshop Date: September 6, 8:00 – 3:00. Read More

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Looking for men to walk a mile in women’s shoes on September 19 at lunch in Olympic Plaza Park. Shoes Provided. Read More.

Fall General Meeting Schedule

Mon September 26, 2011 3:00 - 5:00, Jenkins I115

Fri Oct 28, 2011 at 12:00-2:00pm, Jenkins (I115)

Wed November 30, 2011 at 4:30 - 6:00 Jenkins (I115)

 Save the Date

            Kids’ Holiday Party: December 6 at 5:00

Adult Holiday Party: December 8 at 3:30


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