Concerns were expressed about the lack of review/departmental approval when administrators and directors of institutes receive tenured appointments. The MRFA is aware of this and is working on it through negotiations and looking at what is being done at other institutions.


Notes from Meetings


Q: There needs to be a process put in place for review or approval of an administrative appointee being given a tenured appointment at the end of their term. There should at least be something similar to the process of approving two years credit towards the probationary period [or perhaps appointment with tenure; the selection recommends this in consultation with the TPC and the UTPC makes its own recommendation to the Provost].

A: This is also an issue at MacEwan University and approval by the department was being discussed last year.

Q: Has there been any progress on directors of institutes being appointed to tenured positions without the department being consulted?

A: I had conversations about this with Robin Fisher last year, and we raised it in our first meeting with him this year. In its submission to the Negotiating Committee, our Executive requested that language about this be added to the CA. We don’t know what the outcome was yet, but we are working towards it and will eventually get there

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