Tenure and Promotion Review 2013-2014

As MRU transformed from a college to a university, faculty roles and responsibilities underwent significant change. Academic rank and promotion were established, new criteria, standards and processes for promotion were developed and implemented, and revised criteria, standards and processes for tenure were developed and implemented.

A clear expectation regarding these changes was that the new tenure and promotion criteria, standards and processes would need to be thoroughly reviewed, and revised as necessary, after full implementation. During spring 2013, preliminary discussions regarding the review process were undertaken by key stakeholder representatives: the Chairs of UTPC (University Tenure and Promotion Committee) and APTC (Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee), along with representatives of the MRFA Negotiating Committee, the Board of Governors Negotiating Committee, the MRFA Executive and Deans’ Council. These discussions resulted in the decision to form a steering committee to plan and coordinate a full review of MRU tenure and promotion criteria, standards and processes. Further information is linked below. 


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