Elections 2015: Results

 Below are the election results and the committee contact list for 2015-2016 is attached.


Members Elected

**All Positions are for two year terms unless noted otherwise**


Communications Committee

Margy MacMillan (Library)

Kirk Niergarth (Humanities)


Educational Grants Committee

Liza Choi (Nursing & Midwifery)

Cass Foursha-Stevenson (Psychology)


Faculty Evaluation Committee

Lee Easton (English)

Alana Geik (Broadcasting)

Cheryl Techentin (Psychology)


Professional Development Committee

Katharine Barrette (Library)

Sally Haney (Communication Studies)

Tanya Stogre (Education)

Mohamed El Hussein (Nursing & Midwifery)


Personal Harassment Committee

Ruth Murdoch (Broadcasting)


University Tenure and Promotion Committee

Joe Anderson (Humanities)


Acclaimed Nominees:

Academic Liaison Committee

Harjinder Deol (Accounting)

Alice Swabey (Library)

Ashok Krishnamurthy (Math & Physics)


Advocacy Committee

April McGrath (Psychology)

Debbie Mansell (Nursing & Midwifery)

Shauna Snow Capparelli (Journalism)


Bylaws Committee

Robert Catena (Nursing and Midwifery) – 1 Year Position

Andreas Tomaszewski (Justice Studies) – 1 Year Position


Communications Committee – Contract Member acclaimed

Monica Baehr (Psychology)


Diversity Committee

Christian Cook (Management, HR, & Aviation)

Ashok Krishnamurthy (Math & Physics)

Michelle Veitch (Humanities)

Ricardo Hoar (Computer Science & Information Systems)


Ethics Committee

Paula Dozois (Interior Design) – 3 Year Position

Katharine Barrette (Library) – 3 Year Position


Negotiating Committee 
Lee Easton (English)


Nominations Committee

Simon Magennis (Accounting)

Allison Dube (General education)

Geoff Owens (Library)

Bill Scott (Math & Physics)


Professional Standards and Governance Committee

Harjinder Deol (Bissett)

Ricardo Hoar (Computer Science & Information Systems)

Justine Huet (Languages and Cultures)


Social Events Committee

Jennifer Solinas (General Education)

Melanie Peacock (General Mgmt, HR, and Marketing) – 1 Year Position

Tanya Stogre (Education & Schooling)

Natalie Badenduck (Interior Design) – 1 Year Position

Nancy Doetzel (Sociology & Anthropology)

Mathew Swallow (Environmental Science) – 1 Year Position

Tammy Sherrow (Nursing & Midwifery)


Effective Team Award

Michael Huston (Counselling)


Sustainability Committee

Jim Fischer (Financial Services, SCM)


Transportation Advisory Committee

Ken Cummins (Environmental Science)


Universal Access Committee

Tom Buchanan (Sociology & Anthropology)


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